I truly believe that all people possess an innate desire to be their best self, but may be hindered by the challenges of everyday life and relationships. These challenges certainly do not define us! But they can be a significant obstruction to our becoming the person that we really want to be. 
One of the catalysts for my pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy was the divorce of my own parents and related experiences. I came to know, firsthand, the power and strength that can come from empathetic, professional guidance through difficult
circumstances. I listen with empathy and compassion, while possessing the needed experience and training to impart the wisdom necessary for growth and change. I am laser focused on the end goal: equipping people with the skills needed to eventually navigate
challenges confidently and independently.  
My goal is to provide a clear path and structure to wellness that is easy to follow. I am fiercely dedicated to the rewarding work of helping my clients along the path toward becoming their very best selves.  
 Teenagers 
 Relationship counseling for couples 
 Addictive behaviors 

 Depression 
 Anxiety 
 Negative communication cycles 
 Marital discord