Couples Counseling

Marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve connection in their relationships. In couple therapy, the relationship is the client.  The attachment perspective gives the couple’s therapist a meaningful and effective map to the drama of distress between partners. It guides the therapist in the pivotal moments in a couples interactions and why they matter so much; it offers the therapist a guide to each partner’s deepest needs and strongest emotions.

When the practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy or EFT, is successfully implemented, each partner becomes a source of security, protection, and contact comfort for the other.  Each partner can then assist the other in regulating negative affect and constructing a positive and potent sense of self.  The goal of EFT is to reprocess experience and reorganize interactions to create a bond between partners, a sense of secure connectedness.  The focus is always on attachment concerns involving safety, trust, and contact.  Once a couple has created a more secure bond, even when they become distressed and vulnerable, conflict and insecurities become more clear and less onerous which leads to healing.  The healing process is made up of bonding events which creates a new cycle of closeness and affirmation.