Mandi Waters

Life experiences shape who we are. I believe that the greatest challenges we face, provide us with the opportunity for amazing growth.
My passion for helping others comes from my own journey of healing that has led to improved relationships, self-acceptance, and a
love for life. I help my clients heal from trauma, increase self-worth, improve relationships, and develop their individual strengths and

Therapy is most successful when the therapist and client have a relationship that feels safe and accepting. My approach to therapy
embraces the value of relationships in healing. Every client is unique and I treat them this way. I am trained in a variety of therapeutic
approaches and will find the best fit for each individual client. I frequently use Experiential, Solution Focused, EMDR, and Strategic
therapy. Everyone has strengths that they can use in the healing process. To build on strengths, I implement creative approaches that
include music, art, and writing in therapy.

My education includes a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Substance abuse
counseling. My work experience has been in a variety of setting including inpatient, day treatment, IOP, outpatient, and in-home
therapy. I have experience working with client’s ages two and up. While I enjoy working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, I
find great joy in working with women’s Often teens tell me that they feel misunderstood and that they don’t believe that they have a
voice. My work with teens focuses on improving their self-esteem, developing a good support system, improving relationships with
family and friends, and ultimately helping them discover their strengths and full potential. I look forward to meeting with you and
joining you on your journey to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.