Brennan Bellon, CMHCI

We all know how difficult life can be. It can be filled with many ups and downs. As a counselor, I want nothing more but to help individuals be able to grow through hard times. I believe that on the other side of any challenge is a stronger person. I can assist in helping you accept the difficulties and challenges of life, allowing yourself to step towards them rather than run away, and ultimately realize the full potential that you have. 

I believe in the core foundation as testified by Victor Frankl and Anne Frank, that all people are inherently good and have goodness within them. Through the goodness and values that we all have, we can use those values to help us accept and meet the challenges of life head on. Stepping towards challenges gives us the feeling of living a full and meaningful life. I follow the tenets of psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers who emphasized the importance of “unconditional positive regard” which means that I will never judge anyone and want to create a safe place for difficult emotions to be expressed. Through a strong and trusting relationship, together we can address and navigate the deepest of challenges. We are all in this journey together and I believe building relationships through expressing empathy, compassion, and understanding are key to helping individuals heal and change. 

I am currently a student at Utah Valley University enrolled in their Clinical Mental Health Masters Program. I obtained my undergraduate from Utah Valley University in psychology and business management. Seeing the growth and change in other people is the reason why I do this type of work. Knowing that I am making a difference gives a feeling like nothing else in the world. I work with children, teenagers, and adults.