Family Therapy


Family Therapy

As children and adolescents grow, they are constantly in the process of developing social and emotional skills necessary to lead healthy, happy lives. When children or teens experience difficult emotions or engage in behaviors that interfere with their happiness and ability to thrive, they may benefit from meeting with a mental health professional such as a therapist or counselor. Parents and children often attend therapy sessions together, as therapy can be a safe and educational space in which to address the thoughts, feelings, and emotions experienced by all members. The therapist will work with your family to develop effective, connecting individual and family repairs and strategies to strengthen family relationships and resiliency.

Some universal challenges of these life stages include parenting stress, behavioral issues, emotional distress, mental health concerns, life changes or traumas, and the unique needs of your developing child or children. Therapy may offer a safe place to receive parenting support and parent-child relationship support. Additionally, transitions in family life, such as new siblings, a change of living location, loss of a family member, divorce, remarriage, and trauma may also produce stress for families and children.

Behaviors and emotions may become stuck, heightened, or problematic. Therapy may offer a safe environment for your family to express thoughts, emotions, concerns, and needs to restore or develop effective and productive ways to understand, connect, and cope with life’s difficulties together.

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